I will be reading from my new book of poems Dream Logic on January 28 2021 at 6pm CT with poets Puma Pearl and George Wallace The event is live streamed on Facebook So you can come as you are…    

Theory of Gravity: Or a poem for my own damned birthday

Theory of Gravity, poem for my own damned birthday 1/20/21   There’s as much mystery in a fork falling under the table as in how I got to be here to drop it, how a being wholly composed of slowed down light could become so opaque.   I fetched the dropped fork but how my … Read more

Jean Valentine a poet of the dream

“I had a teacher in college who said, ‘You could write from your dreams,’” she told Ploughshares, the literary magazine, in 2008, “and that was like being given a bag full of gold.” I was sad to learn of the death of Jean Valentine a gifted poet who wrote in the perfume of the dream. … Read more

Dante at the Gates of Hell

Encountering Images Series #1 From time to time I will be offering examples of encounters with images from poetry.  The point is to show what we might learn from the poets about how to better engage with images in our dreams. In the opening of Canto III inferno, “Dante” and “Virgil” stand before the gates … Read more