A Poem for Tisha B’Av

The Ninth of Av --for Maggid Yitzhak Buxbaum, z"l ​In the rhythm of the year our temple fell. We sat...
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Fighting in the Captain’s Tower: In Defense of Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize

I wrote this piece about me, Bob Dylan and T.S. Eliot in defense of Dylan's Nobel Prize. Re-upping it today...
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Shipwrecks : An elegy for Herbert Kearney

Herbert Kearney’s fallen angel is at the heart of this elegy.
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Verse of April

Just released Verse of April: Hymn For the Living Poet. I have poems in there in homage to three poet-friends....
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Dreams & Afflictive States of Mind

Dreams and Afflictive States of Mind With Poet and Author Rodger Kamenetz Register Here When: Tuesday, June 1, 2021 -...
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My friend Richard Katrovas created the Prague Summer Program in the wake of the Velvet Revolution and I was fortunate...
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My friend Alexis Krasilovsky who is a noted film-maker and author  also does graphic art. She  read into DREAM LOGIC...
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“Too Many Questions” from Dream Logic

Fifteen minutes of poetry from Dream Logic reading.
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Theory of Gravity: Or a poem for my own damned birthday

Theory of Gravity, poem for my own damned birthday 1/20/21   There’s as much mystery in a fork falling under...
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Wordsworth is our great teacher of how to contemplate images in nature, and therefore in our dreams.
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Jewish Psychedelic Summit   On Monday May 3 at 9am PT I will speak on a panel about Buddhist meditation and psychedelics as part of the Jewish Psychedelic Summit.   Sign up…


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