3 Gilguls of The Missing Jew: GILGUL 1

GILGUL 1 1976

In 1976 after my grandfather David Kamenetz z”l died and my rabbi from childhood, Morris Lieberman died, my friend Dr. Marc Lieberman gave me a copy of all the volumes of the Rodkinson Talmud from his uncle’s library. I had never been exposed to the Talmud, and though the Rodkinson is an extremely Victorian translation I nonetheless could hear the echo: I heard the rabbis speaking with the intonation and Yiddish accent of my immigrant grandfather.
I took a roll of continuous paper and on my Royal Standard
began typing the first set of poems that became The Missing Jew published by Dryad Press in 1979.

I looked more or less like this then:

Rodger Kamenetz 1979 when the first edition of The Missing Jew was published by Dryad Press.

The book looked like this:

The Missing Jew was 62 pages, tall and skinny like the poems, and the poems were modular, both individual but part of a larger whole.
The cover was by the terrific artist Cyril Satorsky.

David Meltzer wrote on the back, “A wonder, both on the surface and in the core.”

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