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I teach about dreams, poetry, spiritual writing, and the Jewish-Buddhist dialogue in lectures, workshops, and weekend and Shabbat events. 

You can contact me to do one on one Natural Dreamwork. Or if you just want to be in touch– here’s my bio/contact page. Drop me a line, I usually answer. For latest updates of upcoming talks, lectures, and fresh writing see my blog.


elcome to my site. I’m so honored you’ve dropped by. My continuing obsessions are dreams, poetry, and reimagining the sacred. 

I’m probably best known for The Jew in the Lotus, about a holy pilgrimage of rabbis to see the Dalai Lama in an historic dialogue between Jewish and Buddhist masters. I later won the National Jewish Book Award for Jewish thought for Stalking Elijah and later explored the hidden connection between Franz Kafka and Rebbe Nachman of Bratzlav in Burnt Books. Inspired by the focus on dreams in both Tibetan and Jewish culture, I wrote The History of Last Night’s Dream and was interviewed by Oprah on her Soul Series. For the past fifteen years I’ve been instrumental in developing with my colleagues a unique way of working with dreams for spiritual growth Natural Dreamwork. In a few words: We do not interpret dreams, we bring them to life.

Poetry is at the core of everything I do since I was a teenager from my ongoing project The Missing Jew to my most recent work, Yonder and Dream Logic that show dreams and poetry share a common root in primary imagination.

If you want to be in touch, here’s my contact page.