3 Gilguls of The Missing Jew: Gilgul 2

GILGUL 2 1992

In 1992 Time Being Books re-issued an expanded edition, The Missing Jew: New and Selected Poems. I took lines from the old poems and using midrash made new poems from the old. The book now was 101 pages long.

About this edition, the great novelist Louise Erdrich was kind enough to write:

Kamenetz’s poems whirl and shake on the page. He is the poet of the living history of unspeakable names and his book…sings with dark wit the tales of tough family spirits. –Louise Erdrich, author of Love Medicine

And Yehuda Amichai, Israel’s best known modern poet, wrote this:

These are very exciting and original poems…a secret and almost intimate meeting place of English and Hebrew. –Yehuda Amichai, author of A Life of Poetry, 1948-1994 and Open Closed Open: Poems

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